Democrisis aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the political dynamics that emerged in the course of the Greek crisis and their relation to policy-making at the EU level. It aspires also to illuminate common patterns and key differences as to the way the crisis played out in Southern – European countries, namely Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy and Cyprus.

Angelos Kontogiannis-Mandros

Phd Political Science
Post-Doctoral Researcher
Principal Investigator of the Project

Thanos Liapas

PhD Political Economy

Despina Paraskeva-Veloudogianni

Phd Candidate Political Science

Katerina Sergidou

Phd Candidate Social Anthropology

Josep Maria Antentas

Phd Sociology
Post-Doctoral Researcher

Zeno Leoni

Phd International and European Studies
Lecturer King’s College London

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